ECI expects that the new end-of-waste criteria for copper scrap will boost copper recycling in Europe

ECI, November 2013

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ECI Input into the Public Consultation on Circular Economy (August 2015)

Global competition for resources is increasing. Supply concentration of resources, particularly critical raw materials outside the European Union, makes European industry and society dependent on imports and increasingly vulnerable to high prices, market volatility, and the political situation in supplying countries.

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ECI publishes its 2013 Annual Report

Our new Annual Report summarises the key regulatory and market issues impacting the competitiveness of the European copper industry and the demand for its products throughout 2013.

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ECI Publishes its 2014 Annual Report

This year report is structured around two main sections, the first focuses on regulatory initiatives impacting the industry’s licence to operate. The second, which covers market access issues for products, shows how ECI’s work is aimed at defending and growing end-use demand.

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ECI's Input to the Public Consultation on the Revised EU ETS Directive: COM (2015)337/F1

In this new submission, ECI wishes to highlight aspects that are specific to the European copper sector. It concludes with a list of recommendations needed to safeguard the industry’s global competitiveness.

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ECI’s answer to stakeholder consultation on Emission Trading System (ETS) post-2020 carbon leakage provisions

ECI, July 2014

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Ecodesign Directive: Six Reasons Why Building Automation Should Be Included in the 2015-2017 Working Plan

Action on making the current policy frameworks more supportive of unlocking the large-scale savings of Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) contributes to several dimensions of the Energy Union strategy.

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Energy Efficiency Targets in the Context of Post-2020 EU Climate and Energy Policy: EU needs to set an ambitious, binding and coherent 2030 target for energy efficiency and savings

Energy Efficiency Industrial Forum, February 2013

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Energy Roadmap 2050 on efficiency: many signs – no direction

The Coalition for ENERGY SAVINGS, December 2011

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Energy savings to be first policy priority for 2030

The Coalition for ENERGY SAVINGS, November 2012

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Energy Union: ‘First stop, efficiency’

A new briefing from the Coalition for Energy Savings takes stock of the state of energy savings in the EU and of its potential to reap the multiple benefits of an energy-efficient European Union.

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Has copper been tested in clinical trials?

Yes. Copper surfaces have been proven to have over 90% less contamination than conventional touch surfaces in hospital trials around the world.  Trials have taken place, or are under way, in China, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Chile and the US.

Furthermore, in a multi-centre US trial, funded by the Department of Defense, copper surfaces were shown to reduce a patient’s risk of acquiring a healthcare-associated infection by 58%.